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AAVC History

AAVC first came about in the third quarter of 2007 with the concept of making it into a “client-patient family style” veterinary clinic as well as providing avian hospitalization and medical treatment.

AAVC is not an avian specialist clinic but has on staff, veterinarian who has an interest in avian medicine and has undergone further avian training and conference overseas with avian specialists from USA, Australia and New Zealand.

With months of intense planning, the realization of AAVC came into reality on 25th April 2008, with her team of 4 specially selected members.

We are but a very young clinic, and hope that we’ll be able to gain your pets’ trust, and your support. We strive to bring a new level of veterinary care to your pets by advising the appropriate medical/welfare care and treatment for your pets when necessary. This is how AAVC’s “family-style” approach is realized.

After all, at AAVC we believe Family’s First, and your pet is a part of your family. We aim to enhance years of healthy life for your “special family member”. 

Dr Kenneth Tong & Associates are the residing veterinarians throughout the week. 


AAVC Vets Mission

To provide professional veterinary medical care to all species of animals both great and small, while promoting preventative medicine in pets and awareness on veterinary public health and animal welfare.


AAVC Vets Values

We aim to keep treatment cost affordable to the general masses while not compromising the quality of veterinary services and will offer the optimal approach to each case initially, but tailor it to each client’s needs or constrains when needs be. 

At all time, we at AAVC will have both the clients’ and patients' best interests at heart.

 Our core values:

·       Integrity,

·       Compassion,

·       Professionalism,

·       Respect,

·       Collegiality and

·       Social Responsibility.


As deemed fit, AAVC Vets will occasionally offer preventative/prophylactive procedures for your pets (Dental scaling, blood profiling) to detect any early disease process and hence initial treatment before clinical signs/symptoms.

Occasionally, AAVC may not have the expertise or facilities to handle certain medical conditions, in such instances, AAVC veterinarians at their discretion will provide a referral to an appropriate veterinary-specialist or medical centre that is able to provide your pet with the optimal healthcare and treatment.

We strive to put our clients and their pets’ health and well-being first at AAVC, and will advise what is best for our patients and what is in the best interest for our clients. After all “Family’s First” is AAVC’s statement, and your pet is a part of the family; your family and our family.

We only offer euthanasia as a last form of treatment based on animal welfare and humane grounds.

At all times, AAVC Vets aims to keep in line with AVA-Singapore Veterinary Practitioners Code of Ethics, Code of Ethics for vets.doc (as taken from Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority) and the Singapore Veterinary Association(SVA) principles.

 If for any reason, AAVC Vets do not leave up to the Code of Ethics or to our clients’ expectation, please accept our apologies and drop us a line so that we may look into it. 

 AAVC Dinner at Histori Tanjong Pajar 7th May 2012

From Left: SiewLuan, Jean, Anghel, Raymond, Lawrence, Kenneth, Aloysius, Brandon


  AAVC Dinner @ Senki Japanese Restaurant April 2012

 AAVC Dinner @ Orchard Central July 2014

From Left: Esther, Jean, Alex, Brandon Raymond, Aloysius, Lawrence 




Treatment / Surgical / Anaesthetic Procedures

Prior appointment is required for all elective surgical procedures (eg. sterilization).

AAVC recommends a pre-anaeshetic general check up and blood work (to check the liver and kidney function) for all patients before general anaesthesia (GA)/surgery is performed. This is usually performed at least 4 days prior to the procedures (though can be done as early as 60days prior).

Certain subclinical diseases or organ disfunction is undetectable by physical examination. Even with the most thorough tests done, surgical and anesthetic risks, though minimized further, cannot be totally avoided. Please CONSIDER carefully before deciding to admit your beloved pet for any surgical or general anaesthetic procedures. If ever in doubt, please contact AAVC (nurse, receptionist, vet) to have your concerns addressed before proceding.

During surgery/ procedures under GA, the vet may decide to use additional materials/anaesthetic monitoring devices to reduce the risk of surgery/GA. This may increase your initial estimated quotation by approximately (additional)~ $100

We seek your understanding in this matter that the above decision is beyond our control and is served to enhance the surgical and GA safety for your beloved pets.

A sample of our consent form for treatment/procedures/GA/Surgery is found below:

"I hereby authorise and direct the veterinarians of AAVC to perform the above procedures and additional diagnostics &/or treatment deemed advisable or necessary for my pet. I understand that AAVC will always strive to do the utmost for the patient’s health and welfare being, while keeping the clients’ interest in mind.

 The nature of the procedure(s) has(have) been satisfactorily explained to me and that no guarantee has been made as to the cure or results. I understand that there may be health risks (e.g. adverse effects on the kidneys, liver etc. including death from cardio-respiratory failure, multiorgan dysfunction, excessive haemorrhage) involved in these procedure(s).

With any deaths, clients are advised to seek necropsy (autopsy) procedure for investigation by an independent body (AVA). 

AAVC, AAVC vets and staff will not be held legally liable for any medical/ surgical/ procedure or unforeseen events arising prior/during/post treatment regardless of cause/effect.

 AAVC is NOT a 24-hours clinic and hence, NO constant after-hours care or supervision of animals is provided.

 The verbal estimate of charges for presently planned procedure(s) is only an approximation, and the final bill may be greater than this amount. I agree to pay in full for all services rendered, including those deemed necessary for medical/ surgical complications during unforeseen circumstances even without prior cons. Full payment will be settled upon discharge of patient.

 Patient(s) that is(are) not claimed after 5 days of notification will be transferred to the appropriate authority or adopted by AAVC as deemed fit."

 Consent is obtained by one of the following: 1) Signature of owner/representative of owners at the presence of AAVC staff, via 2) Fax consent, 3) Email consent, 4) Verbally over the phone(at the discretion of the vet under extreme circumstances - phone recordings may be used).

Please note that AAVC serves to minimize inconveniences to the clients/patients. However due to legalities, AAVC has to abide with certain protocols set forth to protect the interest of all parties involved. We seek your understanding in this matter and apologize for any inconvenience caused.


Adoption Policy (of stray animals) offered at the discretion of AAVC:

an intial consultation/treatment fee is applicable prior to adoption by AAVC

With AAVC adoption of the above mentioned animal(s), the (owner/finder) herby waive all his/her rights/ privileges to the said animal(s) indefinitely, and will waive all responsibilities of AAVC to the said animal. AAVC will have full authority to decide on the best treatment (inlcuding euthunasia) of the animal without having to seek any further consent from the owner/finder.





With the above consent read and understood, it is hoped that all clients (and on behalf of the patients) trust that AAVC will do their fullest to treat/alleviate the pain/sufferings of the patients to AAVC's best ability (in terms of knownledge, skills, and facilities).

We understand that concerns may arise, and if such, we seek your understanding in seeking alternate views/opinions and treatments from other veterinary practices that best suits the needs of yours and your belove pets. At any point during the consultation/treament, clients/patients are welcome to seek a seperate opinion and request for a referral.

We at AAVC hope for the speedy recovery for all animals seen by us, referred by us etc.